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Agency History

J.J. Ruddy Insurance Agency was founded by John J. Ruddy.  He worked out of his home in West Medford and maintained a modest office in Boston.
John Ruddy’s daughter, Mary, graduated from Medford High School and joined the family business.
After the untimely passing of her father, Mary Ruddy Hackett becomes the second President of J.J. Ruddy Insurance Agency.  For the next 18 years Mary Ruddy Hackett runs the family business while raising her two young sons.
Mary’s son, John, graduates from Boston College and becomes the third President of the agency.
Recognizing that the majority of clientele were from the Medford area, J.J. Ruddy relocates their office to Medford.  For the next three decades the agency continues to grow as they “grow out of” a number of locations in Medford Square. 
John Hackett’s two sons, John Jr, and Edward, become the fourth family generation at J.J. Ruddy Insurance Agency
Shortly after the newest generation began, another was lost.  Mary Ruddy Hackett passed away from a bout with cancer in 1994.  Her 61 years in the family business was a testament to her commitment to her father and her family.  Her strength and determination was a great example for future generations to come.
1995 is launched.
J.J. Ruddy Insurance acquires the Glendale Insurance Agency in Everett.
J.J. Ruddy Insurance acquires the John B. Mercurio Insurance Agency in Winchester, expanding its presence with a new location in Winchester.
J.J. Ruddy Insurance acquires the Joseph D. Callahan Insurance Agency in Medford.
John Hackett, Jr. becomes the fourth President of J.J. Ruddy Insurance -succeeding his father who served as President for 43 years.
J.J. Ruddy Insurance Agency celebrates its 100th Anniversary.

Northeastern University recognizes J.J. Ruddy Insurance as a finalist for the Family Business of the Year.
Travelers Insurance recognizes J.J. Ruddy Insurance as its Personal Lines Agent of the Year.

John Joseph Ruddy